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Web Access

LifeFile offers four main portals for pharmacy, provider, patient, and salesperson use. These portals are part of our cloud based system. Due to this, using LifeFile poses significant advantages over non-web based systems. This means no difficult software installations, easy secure remote access, quick workflow changes/updates and more!


Pharmacy Portal

The LifeFile Pharmacy Portal is a comprehensive cloud-based pharmacy management system that has been built specifically for compounding, specialty and retail pharmacies. The already comprehensive portal keeps improving and is continuously updated to meet new pharmacy needs. Key benefits include:

Advanced workflow that molds to pharmacy objectives and desires.


A comprehensive system with integrated services that allows for greater organization and a reduction of unneeded 3rd party software.

Automation rules that allow your pharmacy to skip tedious manual processes.

EPCS, PCI, and HIPAA compliant.

Provider Portal

LifeFile’s EPCS certified provider portal is a service that addresses all compound ordering needs. The technology offers benefits in e-prescribing, order tracking, reporting, compliance and more. Use of portal services eliminate unnecessary calling and faxing with the pharmacy while increasing patient safety & satisfaction, and staff efficiency. Key benefits include:

True compound e-prescribing services with option for practice customized compound formularies.

EPCS compliant technology allows the electronic creation and submission of scheduled II to V controlled substances


Patient Portal

The LifeFile Patient Access portal sets a new patient expectation standard from their pharmacies. The patient portal offers an array of services that dramatically increases patient control and convenience. Key benefits include:

Technology to create, pay, and track prescription refills and OTC orders


Viewing and managing compliance programs  

Ability to ask questions and obtain valuable information from pharmacy staff

Sales Portal

LifeFile’s Sales Portal gives pharmacy owners the right tools to manage, track, evaluate, and compensate internal and external sales teams. It is specifically designed to support the promotion of compounding pharmacy products and services, thus eliminating the need to purchase expensive, non-integrated, “generic” sales management software.

With LifeFile’s Sales access, pharmacy managers and sales associates obtain real-time, sales-specific information securely, from any location, at any time.


LifeFile Sales access eliminates fulfillment and compensation uncertainty and makes it easier for sales associates to focus on customer care and product promotion. 

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