What We Do

LifeFile is a leading pharmacy management system for both specialty and compounding pharmacies. Our system is the operational engine for some of the largest compounding pharmacies in the nation. With our four portals, LifeFile provides a solution for your pharmacy as well as your patients and providers. We understand each pharmacy is different, so we work with you to achieve what is best for YOUR pharmacy.

We understand your goals





It might be as simple as needing a better pharmacy management system. Or you may want the ability to run completely custom reports. You may want to take advantage of our truly integrated e-prescribing system that is native to LifeFile. Whatever the goal for your pharmacy is, LifeFile is able to help.

We find solutions in LifeFile





Once we understand your goals and what you hope to achieve, we find specific solutions that LifeFile offers to meet your requirements. These solutions may be as easy as turning a module on for your pharmacy or as complex as custom development. LifeFile allows for a great deal of customization!

We help achieve goals with LifeFile





Once solutions have been created, we implement them into your specific LifeFile system. We encourage continuous feedback and suggestions to ensure your goals are met. If an unforeseen change needs to be addressed, or something needs to be tweaked we will gladly help to ensure satisfaction. 

We adapt as needs change  




Routinely going over requirements and potential developments to maximize your pharmacy’s efficiency is our goal. We understand your requirements and goals may change over time, and we are here to help you each step of the way.