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What We Offer

 LifeFile is a state-of-the-art, cloud-based system for the management of compounding, specialty, and retail pharmacies. 


LifeFile integrates healthcare


LifeFile connects pharmacists, providers, patients, and salespeople via a secure, online environment. 


LifeFile is feature rich


LifeFile provides a vast array of features like integrated faxing, order management, document management, workflow automation, compounding management, auto-payment services, auto-ordering, inbound and outbound IVR, integrated shipping, custom reporting, and much more. 


LifeFile is an ePrescribing pioneer


LifeFile is a pioneer in specialized ePrescribing.  With millions of successful prescriptions transmitted, LifeFile is probably the most recognized name in compounding ePrescribing.


LifeFile reduces implementation risks and costs


LifeFile offers an innovative, no-risk implementation process that gives owners the option to migrate incrementally, at a pace and scope that is right for the pharmacy!


LifeFile develops

new technology continuously


LifeFile designers and engineers transform customers’ “wishes” into new features at a remarkable speed.  From small usability fixes to entirely new components, LifeFile is a leader continuously introducing new technology.


LifeFile partners

with clients


LifeFile’s work with pharmacies goes beyond guaranteeing the functionality of the application.  Soon after initial implementation, LifeFile and Pharmacy staff start a continuous quality improvement process centered on the optimization of new and existing LifeFile technologies.


LifeFile provides excellent customer service


LifeFile promotes an internal corporate culture of awareness of the critical role of the pharmacy in our community.  Consequently, we all strive to prevent service disruption, and to guarantee that customer requests are handled correctly in the fastest possible time. 


LifeFile is proven


LifeFile is a tried and tested system that is used by pharmacies that fill from a few dozens to thousands of prescriptions per day. Thanks to state of the art technology and proven operational procedures, LifeFile’s unscheduled downtime is near non-existing.

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