Our Web-Based Software

LifeFile offers four main portals for pharmacy, provider, patient, and salesperson use. These portals are part of our cloud based system. Due to this, using LifeFile poses significant advantages over non-web based systems. This means no difficult software installations, easy secure remote access, quick workflow changes/updates and more!

  • Secure Remote Access

    Thanks to LifeFile, significant number of employees may be able to continue working from home or other allowed locations​

  • Business Resiliency

    Thanks to LifeFile, your business is more likely to continue operations even during a time of crisis or significant social disruption

  • Quick Workflow Adaptation

    Thanks to LifeFile, your business process can be easily modified to respond to unexpected changes and challenges

  • Data Security

    Thanks to LifeFile, your pharmacy information is secure even when location security may be not be ideal